Saturday, May 12, 2018

ROAD trip to IBM

Poughkeepsie, NY (May 12, 2018) - The Members of Xi Lambda Lambda (Bros. Fred Cabbell, Dennis McGloster and T. Ed McBride) took the ROAD (Rockland Omega AcaDemy) mentees on a trip to IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY for a half-day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) event.

In addition to the ROAD mentees we brought along boys and girls from various Rockland County middle and high schools. The teens were divided into 2 groups and spent time with  minority engineers from IBM (who volunteered their time to be at the plant). The objective was to encourage our minority youth to seek careers in the STEM field.  The IBM team discussed their educational backgrounds and current positions at IBM and explained to the teens how they can work for IBM straight out of high school through a participating P-TECH school.  This program allows high school students to receive both a high school diploma and an associates degree in STEM upon graduation from the program.

The youth also worked on a group scientific project that included the famous "egg drop" test where the kids had to package an egg with various material that carried a cost value.  The objective was to package the egg - with the least expense in materials - that when dropped the egg should be intact without breakage. A lot was learned from this test and those teams that had breakage was allowed to come up with another solution.  At the conclusion of the event the mentees were treated to a great lunch by IBM.

Special thanks to Annette McBride, Patricia Cabbell and Sandy McGloster who accompanied us as chaperones on the trip. Our hope is that this is just the beginning of hopefully many years of events with IBM.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Meet the Treacherous Three

Jamaica, NY (Apr. 14, 2018) -
It's with great pride and respect to announce on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 3:41 pm at the Nu Omicron Daycare Center in Jamaica, NY our three MSP candidates were initiated into the fold of our gracious organization under the Xi Lambda Lambda Chapter. 

Congratulations to our young brothers.  It was a long and challenging journey.  However, they were able to persevere and achieve the desirable effect which is TRUE BROTHERHOOD!

The journey has just begun and now they must work even harder for the chapter.  They're well aware and as a chapter we must continue to guide them and work with them as to what it means to be a TRUE OMEGA MAN!

Congratulations to "THE TREACHEROUS THREE:"
Micheal Johnson, Jr. - "Joker"
Darrel Kidd, Jr. - "Buster II"
Antwan Richardson - "Capt. Blaque Sparrow"
Brothers Antwan Richardson, Darrell Kidd and Michael Johnson Jr. (l-r)

The Treacherous Three with paddle presented to XLL chapter

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Omega's host Blood Drive at Pilgrim Baptist Church

Nyack, NY (Mar. 29, 2018) - The men of Xi Lambda Lambda Chapter got together with the nurses of the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) to host a Blood Drive at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in memory of the late Minister Rosa Tucker Hairston.

The Blood Drive chairman, Bro. Richard Clarke, stated that "...due to poor weather, (four nor'easters), the flu and terrible common cold season. Several blood drives in the Hudson Valley had to be cancelled. That equates to over 2000 pints NOT collected. The Hudson Valley is currently in a serious drought. Our efforts added 19 pints of whole blood. The only way to keep blood flowing in our communities is to constantly replenish the blood banks through donations."

We are scheduling another blood drive for June 2018. We need every arm on deck to fill the gap. Please help us save lives through donations.

Bro. Richard Clarke, Chairman

Bro. Gerald Inman
Minister Carolyn See
Bro. Antonio Desamours, Basileus

Bro. Nyron McLeish
Delta Soror Shantelle
Mr. Mike Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Antwan Richardson
Mr. Darryl Kidd, Jr.
Nyack blood donor with daughter

Bro. Clarke with members of  H.A.N.A

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Xi Lambda Lambda hosts Annual Talent Hunt Contest

Suffern, NY (Mar. 24, 2018) - The 2018 Xi Lambda Lambda Talent Hunt Competition was a successful one. We had 12 participants who range from dancers to visuals artists to vocalists. The program was held at Rockland Community College and we had one of our larger crowds in years. Our 2018 winner was Ms. Pauline Regalado a junior from Ramapo Hugh School. She performed a dance routine to the music of “Act II: Spanish Dance of Mercedes” by the Sofia National Opera Chorus." Second and third place was won by Barbara Martinez (visual artist) and Den-Mark Carter (dancer) respectively.
Our three (3) judges; Ms. Danelle Greene, a music teacher in the Tappan Zee school district and a member of Delta Sigma Theta; Mr. Laurence Holland, a local jazz artist and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and; our very own Bro. Richard Clarke who is a trained pianist did a marvelous job scoring the contest.
The top three finishers received checks in the amounts of $250 (1st place), $100 (2nd place), and $50 (3rd place) along with Ms. Regalado receiving a trophy that we had engraved and returned to her a few days after the show.
We'd also like to thank our pianist Mr. Michael Gewirtz for stepping up to handle the piano duties with very little time to prepare as well as the MC of the day Bro. Mel Davis.
A special thanks goes out to Ron Brown, Doria Hillsman and SVHS guidance counselor Mr. Marc Pollard for there continued support of our competition currently and in past years. 
Additional thanks go to brothers of Xi Lambda Lambda who stepped up on the day of the program and played a part in making this a successful event. 

Chapter Brothers with contest winners; Ms. Pauline Regalado (Dance - 1st Place)
Ms. Barbara Martinez (Art - 2nd Place) and Mr. Sebastien Durosier (Dance - 3rd Place)
Ms. Pauline Regalado
Art work by Ms. Barbara Martinez
Mr. Sebastien Durosier

Artists displaying their art work


Talent Hunt contestants

Xi Lambda Lambda Brothers with Talent Hunt Winner Ms. Pauline Regalado

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Corridor V Memorial Service

Westbury, NY (Mar 11, 2018)The brothers of Corridor 5 (representing 17 chapters in the southern New York area) came together at the first Baptist Cathedral of Westbury, where the Bishop Bro. Lionel Harvey is the Pastor, to honor those brothers who have entered into Omega Chapter during the intervening year

The Brothers of Corridor 5 of the Second District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
“O God, the Supreme Basileus of the Universe, the Creator,
Sustainer, and the last repose of all mankind, we commend to
Thy eternal keeping the soul of our departed Brothers. We know
that in Thy love and mercy, they may find the confidence and rest
that all men seek. We commend them to Thee, as into the hands

of a loving Father who carest for His children.”

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Celebrate Black History Faith - Hope - Love

Nyack, NY (Feb 25, 2018) - Bro. Toney Earl was one of three recipients to receive an award at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Nyack, NY where the Rev. Willie L. Hairston is the Pastor.  The awards were given out in celebrating Black History with the theme "Faith - Hope - Love."  The other two recipients were Dr. Martine Augustin, MD and Mrs. Nellie Thomas, Owner of the McDonalds franchises in Rockland County and New Jersey.

Bro. Earl receiving award from Pastor Hairston

Bro. Earl addressing the congregation of Pilgrim Baptist Church
Bro. Gerald H. Inman, Sr., Pastor Willie L. Hairston, Bro. Toney Earl
and Bro. T. Ed McBride Jr. (l-r)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Comedy Show with Godfrey the Comedian

West Nyack, NY (Feb 24, 2018) - The Brothers of Xi Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. wish to thank our supporters that came out to be entertained by Godfrey the Comedian at Levity Live in the Palisades Mall.  This sold out event brought much laughter to the audience as well as food for thought.

The Ques of Xi Lambda Lambda chapter with Godfrey the Comedian
after his performance at Levity Live in the Palisades Mall